With Mr fix, you get the practical knowledge to integrate functions so you can “do more with less.” This includes the ability to organize different functional requirements into an efficient work process under the direction of a single individual. What’s more, we bring the technology-aided infrastructure to effectively manage your entire facility—or any part of it.

The buck stops here—and frees you up to do more

As your partner in facility management, Mr.fix assumes responsibility for day-to-day service calls. This allows you to apply yourself to other core areas of your business and add greater value for your company. Your time is too precious to be consumed as a complaint/request dispatcher for facility issues.

Single-point accountability saves time and expense

Acts as a “single point of accountability” for all facility activities, short- and long-term. This eliminates finger-pointing between vendors in response to problems. Our single accountability also reduces processing costs for internal transaction, since you issue one purchase order only versus multiple orders for different subcontracts.As a single point of contact and accountability, brings efficiency to lower your costs. For instance, the same person can cut grass, change a furnace filter, change light bulbs, and clean the restroom. A standard approach would be to employ different entities (a gardener, an HVAC company, an electrician, and a custodian) for each task. Each such entity comes with fixed costs and overhead. With FME, you get the advantage of less manpower, hence less cost. FME can also manage your utility consumption to reduce costs.

  • Continually improve upon a CUSTOMER-focused “One-Stop-Facility-Shop” business model, which can be profitable and beneficial to all our clients with no compromise on quality and standards
  • Develop and implement a strategy, which differentiates, and educates our stake holders and clients about facility management business as “The Cost-effective One-Stop facility shop Services Contractor”.
    • We Identify, recruit, and trained employees willing to:
    • Accept responsibility
    • Achieve pre-determined goals
    • Posses “positive attitudes”
    • Make significant contributions towards implementing our vision.
  • Develop and regularly update our employees on various training programme escpecially the advancement on tools and techniques and technology advancement on materials and instruments etc to optimize employee growth, development, and employee contribution towards achieving our vision.
  • Be team-oriented, safety-conscious, and environmentally responsible in the office, on the job site, in a client’s facility, and when traveling on company business.